Catherine Mowbray-Lorenz

To overcome my innate shyness, at age 15, I enrolled in competitive speech classes at my high school, (surprising myself by soon) winning awards of distinction, and continued competing into my college years.

As a British-born international speaker and workshop leader, my travel to 67 countries and work on 6 continents have enhanced my own knowledge of cultural diversity, sensitive communication and imbued in me a lasting respect for our great world family.

It is my passion and my pleasure to work with motivated professional women who wish to fast track their leadership skills or accelerate their career potential.

From Singapore to South Africa to San Diego, after working with me thought leaders, executives and entrepreneurs have seen a massive improvement in their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, igniting their confidence, and elevating competence in the areas of Executive Presence, Leadership Development, Cross-cultural Communication, International Business Etiquette.

This program has given a breath of fresh air to
the engagement of both staff and leadership to
our joint relationships and service delivery.
[Catherine’s] international experience and
robust training development is evident.
Department leaders, physician colleagues and
staff members enjoyed working with her.

Thérèse E. Rymer RN, C, FNP, COHN-S, MAS Director Emergency Preparedness & Response, UC San Diego Health System

Speaking with authority, and negotiating for
what you are worth, is an important part of
professional development. I have been the
beneficiary of and blessed with Catherine’s
talent and guidance in this regard. She delivers
training with a unique emotional intelligence
that is rare.

Sherry Nouraini, Ph.D.Owner, Captive Touch; Professor

Catherine Mowbray Lorenz is a fantastic coach. She is a wealth of knowledge in international business, public speaking, cultural etiquette and strategic planning. With only several days notice she was able to prepare me for a multi-million dollar negotiation in Germany. I highly recommend Catherine in all these business arenas. She is a pleasure to work with.

Karen CebrerosPresident, Elan Organic Coffees

Catherine’s Expertise

  • Executive Presence & Presentation Skills Trainer

  • Cross-Cultural Communication Specialist

  • Service Excellence Training for the Healthcare, Airline and Hospitality Industries

  • Mastermind Creator and Facilitator